Company history

SKYRANGER aircraft is deliverd by "SKYRANGER ROMANIA" as a fully functional airplane. The company was established to asemble an aircraft that is unbeatable in price and performance. We execute repair and installation services for any airplane type and engine.

We have a close colaboration with"SAUER FLUGMOTORENBAU GmbH", the largest manufacturer of aircraft engines and engine parts for aerodynamically controlled microlight airplanes.

The SKYRANGER aircraft is certified by the EUROPEAN AVIATION SAFETY AGENCY , manufactured strictly according to the quality requirements.Every part can be traced back to its origin and all the construction phases are properly documented. Our company ensures that the aircraft production meets the highest standards in aircraft construction.

SKYRANGER is the only light aircraft which can be EASILY INSPECTED and REPAIRED by ANYONE, ANYWHERE in the WORLD.


This unique aircraft was designed in France by Philippe Prevot in collaboration with some of the most respected aeronautical schools, ENSICA and SUP AERO.

The aim of the Project was to produce a high performance microlight aeroplane of the simplest possible construction, easy to build, check and repair by anybody, anywhere in the world.


Skyranger is an modern ultra light aircraft constructed in a simple manner, so that it is very easy to fly while in the same time it delivers great performance.

The technology used to assemble the aircraft is based only on straight aluminium tubes (aviation quality), without any bending, welding or fiber, all put together together with bolts.


The incredible success of the SKYRANGER is due to its very simple design, strong construction and high performance.

1200 planes are now flying all arround the world.

5 times Official World champion, also several European champion awards.

No other UL airplane got so many awards as the SKYRANGER.
Model(Engine) SkyRanger SW 625
(Sauer S625R-65Hp)
SkyRanger SW 1900
(Sauer S1900UL-70Hp)
SkyRanger SW 950
(Sauer S950R-100Hp)
VNE 128mph / 206kmh 128mph / 206kmh 128mph / 206kmh
Max Level Speed 110mph / 175kmh 112 mph / 180kmh 120mph / 200kmh
Cruise Speed 85mph / 140kmh (10l/hr) 85mph / 140kmh (10l/hr) 90mph / 150kmh (12l/hr)
Stall Speed 38mph / 60kmh 38mph / 60kmh 38mph / 60kmh
Max Climb Rate 700ft/min / 3,5m/s 700ft/min / 3,5m/s 1200ft/min / 6m/s
Min Sink Rate 500ft/min at 58mph 500ft/min at 58mph 500ft/min at 58mph
Best Glide Ratio 500ft/min at 58mph (10) 500ft/min at 58mph (10) 500ft/min at 58mph (10)
Take-off distance 130 m 140 m 80 m
Landing distance 180m 180m 180m
Range at Cruise Speed 450 miles 500 miles 400 miles
Empty Weight 240kg 260kg 250kg
Max Weight 472,5kg UL 472,5kg UL 472,5kg UL / 560kg LSA
Payload 232,5kg 212,50kg 222,50kg / 310kg
Best climb speed 58mph / 93kmh 58mph / 93kmh 58mph / 93kmh
Max. Speed in Turbolence 75mph / 120kmh 75mph / 120kmh 75mph / 120kmh
Max. Speed with flaps 75mph / 120kmh 75mph / 120kmh 75mph / 120kmh
Max. crosswind 20mph / 30kmh 20mph / 30 kmh 20mph / 30 kmh
Safe Load +4 / -2 g +4 / -2 g +4 / -2 g
Breaking Load +6 /-4 g +6 /-4 g +6 /-4 g
  • Wing Area : 13,0m²
  • Wing Span : 8,8m with Wingtips
  • Max Chord : 1,8m
  • Length Overall : 5,8m
  • Fuselage Width : 1,2m
  • Tail Span : 2,52m
  • Height Overall : 2,4m
  • Height to Cabin Top : 1,76m